Wooden toys for 2 year old (under $25)

List of 25 wooden toys for 2 yr olds


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Wood to me is an ideal material to make toys. I love wooden toys for my kids. They’ve got a texture to them, they’re closer to nature, durable and free from chemicals (mostly). Also, they are simple and don’t have a lot of bells and whistles to them, other than the musical toys of course. So, I made a list of wooden toys for 2 year old people we live with. 

The real reason I love them a lot is that they don’t entertain kids; kids have to work with the toys to entertain themselves. This is very important to me; when a toy entertains kids without them having to do much, it adds very less to their learning. The real educational toys are the ones which tickle their brain muscles and neurons; not the ones that play sounds with the press of a button.

25 Wooden Toys for 2 Year Old Kids

Here is a meticulous list of 25 wooden toys for 2 year old kids; most of them are under $25, so they are very affordable and sure to go through a bunch of kids, not just one or two.

1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Wooden Tower Toy With Hammer

Wooden toy for 2 yr old

This is a classic toy. Kids have to pound the balls with a hammer to make it roll down the tower. It is sure to keep your little one busy for a long period of time. Great for gross motor skills development, and to increase concentration.

My son has experimented with this one a lot. He’s used various things to roll down this tower; little cars, pom-pom balls and it’s great in a sensory bin with beans.  We also use the hammer to pound golf tees in foam blocks and cardboard boxes. So it’s lot more useful than just pounding and rolling the ball down the tower.

2. Lewo Large Wooden Building Blocks (32 Pieces)

Set of large wooden blocks to build. Great for a two year old

Wooden blocks are great for boosting imagination and gross motor skills in toddlers. The larger blocks are better than the others on the market since they are easier to balance and eliminate the choking hazard. Blocks are like the kings of building games.

3. Innocheer Musical Instruments Set for Toddlers

music set for 2 yr old

If you want to introduce toys with bells and whistles to it; it ought to be a Musical Instrument set and nothing less. This one is a  complete rhythm instrument set in one bag, the kit comes with a zippered carrying case for easy cleanup and storage. These are sure to win your toddler’s heart! We actually introduced musical instruments like these at 8 months to my kids; they’re just so appropriate for any age really.

4. Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Figure Eight Train Set (22 pcs)

 figure 8 train set, appropriate for two yr old kids

Train set seldom go back in the toy bin in our house. I like this over the more complex ones with more pieces for 2 year olds because it is small enough for them to assemble by themselves without adult supervision, and we are always looking for ways to increase independence around here.

5. EverEarth Race Car Ramp Set for Toddlers with 4 Wood Cars

Wooden Car Ramp Toy for 2 yr old

I like simpler versions of toys way more than complex ones. There are a lot of the plastic car ramps on the market, but I like this one way better. The simpler a toy is; the more it increases your child’s concentration and calm. The fancy car ramps have lights and beeps to them which are sure to excite your child, but the simple ones make them connect instantly since they are simple enough to understand.

6. Loobani Threading Cheese toy for car or plane rides

Montessori toy for 2 yr old

They are just perfect for car rides. We travel by car very often. Books and small handheld toys like these are my saviors; since my toddler does not take more than one nap on the car rides.

7. Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks

Educational Montessori toy

Another great toy for the car ride. While this may be more apt for preschool going kids. My son started pointing out letters in words at 2 yrs of age. So this was very apt for us at that age too.

8. Mellisa & Dough Let’s Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! 6-Piece Set

Montessori toy to let kids help around the house

2 year old kids just want to follow you around with whatever you are doing; even if it’s cleaning. This is one cute Housekeeping playset. I wouldn’t call it a pretend set; since it’s actually large enough for a toddler to help with cleaning around the house. Very ideal for people practicing or wanting to practice Montessori or who just want to instill a little independence in their kids!

9. Lewo Wooden Animals Stacking Blocks

Wooden chunky Puzzle, Animal Stacking Toy

Another toy that is sure to see a few years with any child, because kids can increase the complexity of the toy as they like. The animals are chunky and stack very well. It is a great toy for family nights, sure to be enjoyed by adults too.

10. Wooden Peg Puzzles for Toddlers

Wooden Peg Puzzles for Toddlers

There is no question wooden puzzles are great when it comes to keeping kids busy and engaged for long. We just can’t get enough of them at this house and also at the library. You can find some great puzzles on Amazon.

Organizer for Wooden Puzzles

I really like the Mellisa and Dough puzzle storage rack/organizer; it’s great to have one when you have a bunch of puzzles.

11. Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Clock

Puzzle Clock to teach kids to read a clock

This puzzle would be good for a few years to come not just for a 2 yr old. While its good to practice number and shapes for toddlers. It’ll come in handy to teach them time reading skills in a couple of years.

12. Guidecraft Sand Rainbow Blocks Set

Big Sand Block for Toddlers

This block set has colored sand in them; so addictive I tell you. The set includes 4 rectangles and 4 half moon shapes. Although it has just 8 pieces I assure you the possibilities with the 8 blocks and a keen toddler are endless.

13. Guidecraft Shimmering Water Rainbow Block Set

Big Shimmering Water Blocks for Toddlers

Another variation of The Guidecraft Rainbow Block set. These blocks have colored water and glitter in them, just like one of those DIY sensory bottles on Pinterest. These blocks are a hit amongst all little ones.

Guidecraft has many other blocks in this series; including Guidecraft Jr. Rainbow Blocks; Mirror Blocks; and Beaded Blocks.

14. Melissa & Doug 20 Animal Magnets in a Box 

Magnetic wooden animals to keep kids busy in kitchen while you cook

They are great to keep little ones busy in the kitchen while you get meals fixed. I first saw them on a family friend’s fridge, and I thought what a great idea. It is good for easel boards too if you have one; since most of them are made of metal. I see a lot of imaginative play and animal sounds moo-ing around the house with these.

15. ToyZoo Wooden Tool Toys for Pretend Play (48pcs)”

Wooden Play Tool Set for young kids

This one again comes in that ambiguous category where it’s ideal for a preschooler, but a 2 yr old is sure to take out a lot of play hours from this playset just with screwing and unscrewing nuts and bolts.

16. Push Along Duck Toy

Classic Duck Push Toy for 2 yr olds

Another classic old school kind of toy. But I can’t tell you enough how big of a hit is this among 2 year olds. Even our school going neighbors like to push this flapping duck along. It’s just a simple heartwarming toy, sure to put a smile on your face too. There are so very cute handmade ones on Etsy. 

17. Wooden Car Carrier Truck and Cars – 1 Truck and 4 Cars

Wooden Car Carrier for Car Lover Boys

This is a sure hit with a young car lover. It is what it shows; not much to say about it. With a lot of plastic variations of car loading trucks on the market, I can totally see this well constructed durable toy being missed out easily.

18. Lace and Trace Activity Set: 5 Wooden Panels and 5 Matching Laces – Pets

Montessori Toy for 2 yr old

These are so cute and yet so educational. It’s not as simple and easy as it looks; this activity boosts a lot of concentration and “I can do it” feeling in kids. It’s good for travel too. If you are looking for Montessori inspired toys, this is a perfect match for that. 

19. Wooden Bead Maze (Perfect Size)

Right Sized Bead Maze for a playroom inside the house

Bead Maze is might seem simple and boring, but let me tell you it works of concentration; cause and effect, and hand-eye coordination tremendously well. It’s one of those underestimated toys! My son just absolutely loves bead maze; he can go at it for more than half an hour at a time.

A lot of them are either too small or too big and bulky; this one is just the right size.

20. Hape Alphabet Abacus

Wooden alphabet abacus for a two yr old

This alphabet abacus is sure to stay in the family for years to come for sure.

21. Wooden Stacking Toy

25 pieces wooden stacking toy

Great for building early shape, color, and size differentiation skills. With Rings, octagons, and rectangles; this is probably the only stacker toy you’ll need in the house. After all, it has 25 colorful wooden pieces to match and stack on three rods.

22. Professor Poplar’s Puzzle Bundle with Stand4 Wooden Puzzle set for a two yr old

A very well made and good quality set of puzzles; especially if you are bored of seeing the same peg puzzles everywhere. They make a great bundle, a little complete set. This one comes with Alphabet, Numbers, Barnyard Helpers and People Movers. The stand included with the puzzles sure comes in handy and is so ideal to keep the puzzles organized. It’s easy enough for kids to put in and pull put by themselves. I always love things that boos autonomy.

23. Wooden Toys Safari Shape Sorter

Wooden Animal Safari Jeep Shapes Sorter

This is a cute safari jeep set. The animals are chunky so they can be used to be played by themselves. I like chunky puzzles, they just entice kids imagination. Sure to please an animal lover.

24. Lewo Wooden Shapes Sorter Activity Center

Budget friendly activity cube for toddler

It’s difficult to find an activity cube on a budget. They just cost so much. This one gives you a great bang for your buck. It has shapes to sort, which you can thread on a rope, a little xylophone, and a small abacus.

25. Mellisa & Dough Wooden School Bus with 7 Play Figures

Wooden Bust Toy for a wheels on the bus lover.

We at cannot have enough “wheels on the bus” in this house; it’s just a lot. This is the toy I bought for my son as Christmas present while I was making this list. I got it the moment I saw it since I had been looking for a good school bus for him, but they were all plastic and flashy. By now you know I wouldn’t have got those for him. I think this is a great toy for a school bus lover, and I am hoping we get a lot of play out of this bus!

Like I said above; the post contains affiliate links. Which means: If you buy the toys I recommended, I get a small commission, but you wouldn’t pay anything extra. But honestly, this is a very genuine list of best wooden toys for 2 yr old kids, that I would have recommended them anyways.

I hope you like this list; if you have a toy you like better be sure to comment below. I’m always looking out for wooden toys!

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    1. You’re welcome Logan; Wooden toys are so much better than plastic toys for various reasons. There actually are so many reasons to prefer them over plastic; I could write a post on that! HaHa

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