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Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and I feel it’s one of the more cute and adorable festivals. Valentines Day Kids books are great for introducing love, generosity, and friendship to kids added with some crafts and a little baking. Perfect for the month of February.

As the month of January begun we went to the library and checked out a good bunch of valentines day kids books. And, my older one has been loving reading those. While we did that, I figured I could make a list of books for our readers to get some of our loved valentines books for their kids.

Here is a list of our favorite Valentines Day Kids books. I have included the age of the child that I think will like each of the books; it’s mostly just what my understanding is. I found the age on Amazon being very misleading, so I put the appropriate age for the book according to me.

I have also added a story of each of the books, which sets this post apart from all the other posts on the web about the Valentines Kids books.

It’s not the exact story because I don’t want to take that away from the authors, but it’s good enough to give parents an idea of what to expect from the book. I often wish I would know a little bit of what’s in the book, so I can make an informed choice about the book before buying it, so I wouldn’t regret my decision later.

Here’s the list I hope you like it.

Mr. Goat’s Valentine by Eve Bunting and Kevin Zimmer


Kids book on Valentine

Age: 3 yr old

This is one of the cutest books for a 2-3 yr old child. Very sweet book with a funky smell; not talking about the book; it’s the story. A little long book; so I would say ideal for a 3 yr old, but my 2 yr old loves it. It actually is a very good book to introduce surprises to the child; Mr. Goat surprises his first love with some gifts and the surprise of the book is; his first love is his Mom.

Story: The book talks about Mr. Goat read the newspaper and realizing it’s Valentines Day and decides to show her love for her first love by getting some gifts for her. He puts on his straw-nest hat and gets to the market to get a can of weeds for his first love; on the way, he got 4 smelly eggs too, two for him and two for her. Then prompted by a skunk in the market Mr. Goat writes a nice poem for his first love; finally reaches her home and surprises his first love his mom; with the gifts and the poem.

A very sweet book, showing great efforts to makes the loved ones feel special.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse by Laura Numeroff


Kids book on Valentine

Age: 2 yr old

Another cute one; what I like a lot about this book is that it not only talks about mouse making cards for his friends but he also mentions what he like in each of his friends; I think this teaches the value of team, appreciation, and looking for the good in others to kids.

Story: He appreciates pig because she’s a good dancer, moose because he’s a good artist, cat because he’s strong and dog because he is happy to see his friends, bunny because he’s good at hide and seek. And then all his friends come to visit him at the end.

Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond


Kids book on Valentine


Age: 3-5 yr old

A little longer book especially feels so towards the end. But, it’s great for older kids. Lovely concept exemplifies graciousness, love and friendship, and contentment. A very good book, it has very good and detailed illustrations.

Story: The book talks about how one day it rained heart, and the little girl collects heart for all her friends which are animal and makes Valentine cards for them. Very meticulously and consciously keeping all the animal characters in mind and making a card accordingly (that’s what I like the most about the book). Then she shares her cards with her friends and although it doesn’t rain hearts ever again, she finds other ways to make valentines special for herself and her friends.

Llama Llama I love you! by Anna Dewdney


Kids book on Valentine

Age: 2 yr old

Toddlers love Llama Llama; there’s no denying that. I just love the sound of it (Llama-Llama).

Story: The book talks about making cards for friends, giving it to them in person and sending some by mail. Further; giving a glittery heart to mama and getting a chocolate filled heart box in return. This is a sweet book for a 2 yr old. Lovely!

LOVE from the very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carl


Kids book on Valentine

Age: Baby

Just like the Very Hungary Caterpillar this book named; LOVE from the very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle is a gem. This one has great pictures just like the caterpillar classic. A caterpillar peeks through different foods that the book talks about.

It is a fairly short book; which is the reason it’s great for babies; I would say it’s a great everyday book to read to a baby as a bedtime story, to express your love for them.

Story: It says; you are very sweet like the cherry on my cake; you are the apple of my eye; you make the sun shine brighter, and so on. A very short read.

I love you Snugglessurus! by Sandra Magsamen


Kids book on Valentine


Age: 1-3 yr old

A very fun active board book, with a lot of flaps and pages to open, that encourages your child to stomp and clap and hug and snuggle of course; a very fun and cute book. It’s got big fun pictures, and flaps, but doesn’t have a detailed story to it.

Story: It talks about jumping up and down, and stomping to make a beat, clapping with your hands and making a castle in the sand. Prompts the kids to growl loudly for fun, prompts to hug and cuddle tight, and sing along. And int he ends asks them since you do all this you must be my snugglessaurus! It’s a fun read, although doesn’t have much story to it. But it does bring along a lot of hugs and snuggles and stomping and clapping in the house.

If only I could say the title of the book, without twisting my tongue; it sure makes the kids chuckle 🙂

Valentine Friends by April Jones Prince


Kids book on Valentine

Age: 1- 2 yr olds.

A book with fewer sentences, but lots of words to describe the pictures. And the pictures have a vintage type feel to it; if you fancy that. (would certainly make grandma happy).

Story: It’s a good one for an animal lover like my son; the dog, can, pic and snail make valentine cards. And the Penguins, seal, stork, and lion bake a cake; all of them on different pages, like making cards.  And in the end it says it says, it’s good to make and bake valentines, but what makes the day is sharing the valentines. Cute book definite to please a 2 yr old.

A Valentine for Percy


Kids book on Valentine

Age: 2-4 yr old

Calling all Thomas Lovers. Cute it’s equally about Percy too. This is one of the steps into reading books, so it’s good for early readers.

Story: The book talks about Percy being anxious about valentine day, and Thomas had to leave for work. But it starts to snow before Thomas get back, and Percy helps plow the snow and deliver the mail, while everyone gets back just in time for the Valentines Day Party. Percy gets the most Valentine cards, and also one from Thomas thanking it to help with snow and mail delivery.

If you are looking for some gifts for your child or for a special friend’s child this is a good list of wooden toys for 2 yr olds.

Hope you and your kid enjoy some of these titles. If you have a good Valentines Day Kids Book that you like, share it with me in the comments below!

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