10 Summer Safety Tips For Kids – to avoid Bummers in Summers!

summer safety tips for kids.

Inside: Summer safety tips for kids are so important to ensure safe sun exposure. Outdoor safety tips for summer, safety tips for summer heat, water, summer safety facts and other summer tips to have a safe summer!

Outdoor summer safety tips are so important to every parent and soon as summer breaks begin and kids are outdoors. Which brings all kinds of concerns in our minds regarding safe sun exposure, especially around toddler sun exposure; like how much sun do toddlers need? What summer tips should I follow for my kids?

All of us have these concerns regarding safety tips for summer season. You’re not alone!

So we’ve developed these 10 summer safety tips, for sun safety and to ensure safe sun exposure for your family.

10 summer safety tips for your family to avoid Bummers in Summers!

1. Sun Protection for Safe Sun Exposure!

It’s important to give our children’s delicate bodies safe sun exposure, with a good safe sunscreen to ensure safety from summer heat and sun. 

But, we all hear so much about many harmful chemicals and all the other stories about how sunscreen does more harm than good.

I searched high and low for a proper sunscreen! 

ThinkBaby ;  Babo Botanicals ; Alba Botanicals are some good brands that I have tested and believe have the best and most natural ingredients possible.

2. Proper Clothing and Eye Protection!

Proper clothing is very important for safe sun exposure; preferably loose clothing so air can circulate near their skin, cotton is the best material to wear in summer because it helps absorb excessive sweat, which in turn cools our body down. Plus, proper clothing gives 100 UV protection.

Three important clothing items to remember are:

1. Headcover: Kids Caps or hats are very important to ensure proper toddler sun exposure and to keep their little heads cool, and away from direct sunlight.

2. Footwear: Porper Summer Footwear, and important to discuss when talking of summer safety for kids since, not all kids summer footwear have good and supportive soles.

We tend to stay away from summer flip flops, especially for toddlers, kids are inevitable to trip over more in bad footwear. And I learn this lesson the hard way with my first child.

So always invest in good foot wear for kids, and Amazon has great affordable kids footwear for summers!

3. Sunglasses: No they’re not just for fashion, everyone should wear sunglasses. It’s important to get little kids sunglasses too, get sunglasses that have good UVA protection since out children’s eyes are so gentle; they need good care.

Our family loves Babiators to ensure my children’s eyes get safe sun exposure, Babiators are the best company for sunglasses for kids.

They are a little pricey, but they also have a 1 year 100% replacement guarantee, even for lost sunglasses.

Recommended Kids Sunglasses: Babiators

3. Stay Hydrated

Sun and heat can be very quickly dehydrating, so always having water with you for your kids is my first sun safety tip! Sometimes just water won’t be enough; excessive sweating can create electrolyte imbalance very quickly.

Coconut water is the best for rebalancing the electrolytes in our bodies. This is why it’s so common and famous in tropical countries because those countries are hot and humid. 

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4. Find Shade

Being in direct sunlight for very long is harmful in more than one way! Especially for younger kids, so it’s important to remind toddlers to find shade often for safe toddler sun exposure.

Direct sunlight for too long heats our children’s bodies too much. This is an easy safety tip for summer heat that all moms should follow who wonder about how much sun do toddlers need!

5. Bug Spray

Getting good a good bug spray is my number one outdoor safety tip for summer.

Especially important for later in the evening and on hikes; my kids go out in the backyard after dinner when the mosquitoes are very active. So Bug spray is very important.

I’ve found this deet-free all natural bug spray the best — it’s called All Terrain Herbal Armor Bug Spray.

All Terrain Bug Spray is amazing, we’ve taken it to 3 tropical counties and it’s been totally effective.

Worked like a charm even on our overnight camping tip in Amazon Jungle. Very good bug spray; highly recommended.


Girl Playing Safely in summer field
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6. Plant Safety/Thorns

I learned my lesson the hard way when my 1 yr old scratched her arms with rose thorns. Toddlers are toddlers!

I redirected her a couple of times away from the bush, but when she didn’t follow; I figured she’ll learn her lesson. Well, I learned mine!

Kids are just way too engrossed in play and don’t worry about thorns or poison Ivy or other plants, until after the play is over. So, we need to be careful and keep redirecting them away from risky plants.

7. Stranger Safety

It’s never too early to warn your toddlers and little kids about stranger safety. I try and remind my 3 yr old son of stranger safety every week (No, it’s not a typo). I remind him not to stand and talk to anyone when I’m not in a very close vicinity with him.

Here is a moment of truth for us: I want him to be independent, cautious and conscious little person, so I’m not at an arms distance to him at all times. I always know where he is, and keep an eye on him from a distance. So for me, it’s important to remind him not talk to anyone even if he knows them very well.

And, we talk about it so often because the busy guy doesn’t always remember to ask to go to bathroom till last moment; forget about remembering his stranger safety limits.

8. Road Safety

Instead of keeping kids off neighborhood roads, teach them to get alerted and go wait on the sidewalk or grass as soon as they hear a car! Don’t underestimate their power of listening and yet being engrossed in play. My son can hear the airplane, birds and, even trains (and we’ve never been able to spot the railway line) every time these things pass by, no matter what he’s doing.

So, yes they’re capable of listening for cars while being engrossed in playing, it’s an invaluable lesson you can teach them for lifelong.

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9. Helmets

Needless to say, helmets are very important for head safety. But the ones we forget are toddlers, just because we’re almost always near them and their tricycles go on such slow speed, we forget they need helmets too.

Best Kids Helmets

10. Eating in time

Kids do not realize their hunger, till their sugar level drops drastically and they have a complete sensory meltdown, not just cry out aloud. So it’s very important to keep track of their snacks and meals. Plus being outdoors needs more energy than otherwise.

Fruits make perfect summer snacks; because they’re cooling and juicy and full of vitamins and minerals. So all that minerals lost from extra sweating gets replenished by fruits.

11. Temperature Fluctuations

Shifting from high to low temperature too quickly and too often makes our bodies a little more susceptible to sickness (the reason why a lot of people fall sick when the weather beings to change).

Think in terms of excessive temperatures. Make sure you don’t expose them to too many temperature fluctuations, because it takes their body some time to adjust to the temperature change.

So mornings are a good time to play outdoors, and then again towards the evenings.  I know a lot of families who like playing in the midday, we prefer to keep off direct sun between 12-3 (although nothing is absolute for us).

And when we come back in the car from scorching heat; instead of putting on A/C of max cool, I roll down the window for about 30 seconds to let all the hot air escape from the car (which makes it easier for A/C to cool the car too).

12. Water Safety

This is not important all the time, but water play is so common is Summers; it’s a good reminder to be very close to kids near water bodies. The thing about kids and water is, it’s very exciting to kids and they don’t realize how dangerous big water bodies like lakes, rivers, sea and swimming pools can be!

Recommended: Kids Swim Vest

I hope these 10 summer safety tips help you with safe sun exposure, clear all your summer safety facts, and ensure safe outdoor play this summer.    Have a safe summer!

I have also attached a summer safety tips pdf with this email for our teacher’s homeschoolers. And, I also recommend to print this and put in on the fridge for middle school kids as a good summer safety reminder!

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12 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

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