No More Juggling! Enjoy Stress-Free Mornings Despite Being A Busy mother

Manage morning chases at home

Inside: Tired of handling chaotic mornings? Here are some practical tips that can help you have a peaceful morning with kids!

As busy mothers, haven’t we all seen those mornings where we just want to escape somewhere and never come back? For me, every day begins that way. And my family is now pretty much used to my yelling words like ‘put the phone on charge first’, ‘where is your water bottle?’ ‘When are you going to clean this place?’

We are actually starting the day like a pressure cooker that is ready to blow the whistle anytime. Little do we realize how this is going to affect the rest of the day too. 

As a work from home mother, these aggravated mornings made me stay stressed and unprepared the whole day. 

This sudden realization made me find ways through which I can invite peace home during mornings. Let me share some tips that worked for me to have a healthy and happy morning routine keeping chaos at bay.

Stress free mornings for moms

Be An Early Bird:

I can understand how this can be tough for some night owls. But we have to stay strong and put our naughty kids to bed by 9 to sleep sound for 8 hours. 

Getting up early offers us peace of mind along with plenty of time to plan the day ahead. More than anything, what motivated me was the serene surroundings and pleasant bird sounds.

Get up an hour earlier than kids so that you can finish kitchen work and take a brief shower. 

To spice it up, do it along with your husband and let them share load too 😉

Moreover, start your day with a big smile! You might be tired of night feedings or have had a little sleep or even had a dramatic nightmare, wake up with a smile and shoo them away!

Have A Planner:

When genes of messiness and disorder run in your body, it might be tad difficult to write down things and remember them. I feel you because I am one too. I decided not to go for formal planners and just used whiteboards. I hang them in the kitchen in a place that’s clearly visible.
From tasks to reminders, I started writing everything there. My maid would get puzzled seeing words like ‘No veggies in the fridge. Stock them up.’ ‘Water the plants. It’s been a week.’, ‘Call the plumber. That guy never picks up the call.’

But seeing it right in front of me pushes me to do it and eases the morning stress. Try it out. You might actually ward off your procrastination too.

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Stretch it out:

There are moments when I have felt being buried in workload and struggled even to breathe. Not able to relax is one of the main reasons why we feel this way. Not able to decide whether to take care of your crying baby or wrap up the meal prep quickly? Do neither of it. Take a few deep breaths and stretch your body. You would instantly feel a wave of tranquility passing through.

Things can go wrong even when you plan or even when you wake up early. But when you know how to not give a damn, no crappy day can make you feel bad.

If you have extra time, do some yoga or light cardio to feel refreshed for a long time. And you burn some calories as well!

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Have a morning routine for kids:

Kids love routine no matter which age group they belong to. When we have a defined routine for them, we are creating a path to stress-free mornings. Imagine doing your morning exercises in your room while your toddler is happily indulging in her morning play session.
Okay. I went too far! But when they sense what to expect, their crankiness will reduce. And slowly, they will start doing that on their own. 

Initially it’s going to be tough. They are not going to listen to you and just want what they want. But don’t give in. Remember the breathing exercise and bring patience and authority in your voice. This is an unusual combination that always works and prompts kids to listen to us.

If this is not working out and your kids expect you to sit next to them throughout, appoint your husband for this task while you focus on household chores.

It’s double trouble when you have two kids. Check out this useful article that talks about how you can manage the first kid when you have to take care of the little one.

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Curb your hand from using the phone:

You wake up early. You feel fresh. You are going to do some yoga. Ding! A notification arrives with a flash on your phone. Bam! All plans go for a toss at least for the next ten minutes. Don’t we all love those quick follow-ups on all social media handles after we wake up? But screen time during morning is not just a time-consuming task but also a major distraction. 

Manage morning chases at home

Instead, play some soothing music or a feel-good podcast while you are working around the house. This lightens your mood and keeps you energetic. But don’t blame me if you are stuck with a song in your head for the whole day! 😛

If you are someone who relies on phones from ordering groceries to watching recipes, try to do them a day ahead. Let’s be the smartest by avoiding smart phones during the precious early hours of the day!


That’s not the term only for managers but for busy mothers like us too! Just because our mom handled it this way, doesn’t mean that we have to multitask and turn into a supermom!
Split the work and assign it between people in your home. It can be your husband, maid or even your older kid. Unload some responsibilities off your head and let others do it for you while you sip and enjoy your morning coffee. 

If you are that lucky woman who has the help of in-laws at home, assign them some tasks like taking care of the morning routine of kids, cutting vegetables etc. Appreciate and thank them with all your heart if they do this bit for you!.

It can be tricky if you are in a nuclear family setup. But we have no other way than turning mama’s boys into responsible husbands and run a home together. Play some medley songs, share the love and do the work. You won’t feel the load at all!

Manage morning chaos at home

Take a break:

If you are ready to do all these to have a peaceful morning for you and your whole family, you deserve some break too, dear! It’s okay if you don’t feel like getting up and want a break. Never hesitate to put yourself first for you are the pillar holding everything intact. 

Few months ago, I had a heartfelt conversation with my husband and told him how much I miss those carefree mornings of my spinsterhood. He understood the lazy part of me that I fight with every morning. And he takes care of the house and the baby when I can’t make it out of the bed (And that happens every weekend). We keep it light those days and spend maximum time playing with our daughter. 

Manage morning chases at home

It’s okay if the dishes are not done or the house is unkempt. Nothing costs bigger than your mental well-being. Learn when to hustle and when to lay back to turn your life sweet and joyful.

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Change begins from us! When we realize something is essentially going wrong in our daily routine, it’s cue to shift the gear and come up with a new plan. We all are in our brightest minds during the morning. Let’s not do anything to mess that up and take another path that guarantees a light-hearted and lovely start!

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