10 Positive Responses to I’m bored!

Positive responses to I'm bored

Inside: 10 Positive responses to I’m Bored. Encourage your child to brainstorm out of their boredom. How to acknowledge your kids complain of I’m bored with positive responses!

I’m Bored! is an announcement by kids all parents despise.

And it’s so hard to believe they’re bored, because — they have so many toys and things we get them, with almost zero responsibility!

Interestingly kids as young as 5 yrs to as old as 21 yr olds say this. Which is just soo interesting to me as someone who reads child psychology!

Weather it’s difficult for us to believe or weather they’re actuially bored or not; the problem is the complain of I’m bored. Which needs to be solved.

The good news is; it’s not your responsibility as a parent to solve the problem of your child being bored. it’s you child who needs to come up with things to do.

And That’s the only solution that works; we’ve all given our kids options to only hear no.

The only solution that works to the “I’m bored” announcement is — the solution you child comes up with by themselves!

So all you have to do now is to encourage your child to brainstorm themselves out of this boredom.

Positive Responses to I’m Bored

10 Positive things to say when your kid says “I’m Bored”

Here are 10 positive things you can say to your child when they say they’re bored. You’ll notice these sentences are often open-ended which lead to the kids coming up with ideas on what they can do!

You could say one of these sentences when you kids complain “I’m Bored”–

1.“Hhhmmm.. I wonder, what could you do?

2. “I’m sure you’ll figure something out what to do”.

3. “Boredom leads to great imagination. I think your mind is trying to tell            you you should try to make something really nice!”

4. “It’s okay to feel bored! What do you want to do now?”

5. “Should we brainstorm a bit? What does your mind say it wants to do?”

6. “That’s nice; feeling bored is a good thing.”

7. “Hhhmm” or “Okay” (Just acknowledge them).

8. “Great! That means you’re about to think of a great idea, what to do!”

9. “Sometimes I feel bored too. It’s so difficult to feel bored right?”

10. “Tell me one thing you haven’t done in a long time!”

If you feel like your child keeps saying I’m Bored all the time! Chances are — they don’t really mean it literally!

Just remember when kids say I’m Bored — don’t think in the lines of fixing it; but rather acknowledge it, and let them brainstorm through it!

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