Stress-Free Light packing While Traveling With Kids! What To Take And What To Leave!

light packing while travelling with kids

Inside: Tired of packing your child’s whole wardrobe while traveling? Read to know more about why light packing is the best and how you can do that. Some pro travel tips are included along with it too. Enjoy!

For some people like me, packing is therapy and the major exciting factor about traveling. 

But in this excitement, I tend to pack my whole house in big giant bags and suitcases. This not just adds physical burden but also stands as a barrier when we have to fly to reach the destination.

I am sure every mother can relate with me here whether they are excited about packing or not. 

But with kids, it’s extremely tough to play tight and right as we can never predict their moods and needs. 

Once I packed every soft toy we had for my visit to a relative home. I had to leave half of them as there was no space for snack jars and savories they packed for us. The Saddest thing is, my children didn’t even play with them once.

Since then, I am constantly updating my checklist taking on and off things frequently. After a few attempts, I became generally aware of what they need while they are away from home and what to pack. 

Ever since I am sticking to the list that I have which helps me to pack just the needed which is also light while traveling.

Let me share a few tips that helped me avoid packing unnecessary things.

Have The Same Routine

Whether it’s home or outside, maintain the same routine from bathing to other hygiene related activities. This way you would need exactly the same things as you use at home.

Prepare Them For What’s Going To Come

It can be a weekend getaway or an extended stay at granny’s home. Let them know about it and explain what can be expected. 

Share Things With Your Children

This will work especially when they are older kids. Instead of packing a separate set of dishes or hair accessories, share whatever is possible to use by both.

Involve them in packing

My toddler enjoys doing this and picks up everything that’s her and drops in. Then I tell her what is needed and what’s not. This observation and knowledge is essential for them and brings an understanding while we set out to travel.

Have separate luggage for them

This way, you can avoid raiding every bag for their favorite toy. And it kinda sets a limit too.

If you are looking for the best kids luggage, these are the luggages that I would suggest. 

Now let me list down the things that go into their luggage.

This list can change as per the age of the child. I will try to be less specific and give you an idea of what you can take while travelling.

When you know what exactly you need, it’s easy to make a list and recheck. This way you are saving space from dunking junks and packing light.

Food And Dishes

Undoubtedly, this will get the top spot as we know the importance of it. From feeding bottles to spare dishes and spoons, everything will fall into this.

In the case of toddlers and young children, it’s wise to pack some fruits, nuts, snacks, and ready-to-consume meals unless you are traveling by air. Many of us have bad experiences getting food from outside.

A warm water in a flask can be helpful for both the mother and the infant. Store the formula in an air-tight container along with it. 

You can also pack tissue papers (This is a big time savior), wipe cloth, bibs, water wipes for a mess free journey.

Many diaper bags or kids luggages come with water bottle spots where you can keep their bottles.

clothes for kids while traveling


Pack light and easy to wear clothes that would suit the weather of the place you are going to visit.

Count the number of days of stay and pick clothes accordingly. Focus more on innerwears and t-shirts. This really comes handy during any situation.

Have a large towel and few muslin clothes as well. If your child is not potty trained, carry a few diapers and a wipes pack too. (You can always buy if this isn’t sufficient).

I used to wash their clothes and reuse them if necessary instead of having another bag for dirty clothes. This is the best way for a minimalistic journey unless you are out on adventure trips like trekking.

Blankets: Have two kids blankets to make it cozy for them while traveling.

Carry a few spare plastic bags to drop used diapers and wipes, spit clothes, used bibs etc.


Always carry another pair of flip-flops as we don’t know when they might break their shoes. And flip-flops are the comfortable option while traveling. 

Have a small pouch to store their stuff like soap, body wash, toothbrush, moisturizer, clips, hair bands, comb, a small mirror. They like it when they can have a makeup pouch just like their mom’s.

kids travel toys

Toys And Activity Sets

Go as much as strict when it comes to this. You can pack only their favorite or can’t-live-without toys as this is going to occupy humongous space.

More than toys, things like crayons, coloring books, activity sheets, flash cards and few books (paperbacks are the best) are much more effective and occupy less space also.

This list of amazing board books for kids can be of help.

You can also have activity sheets stored as pdf on your phone and print it after getting there. Check here for some cool activity sheets that you can download for free.

Instead of picking big toys, pick smaller ones that are light in weight. You can pack all of them in a single compartment to avoid searching hurriedly.

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Emergency Kit

This is very much essential if you are going on a vacation. Have a small pouch and store the following things there. Keep this always with you even if you go out shopping.

Things you can have there are thermometer, pediatric paracetamol drops, dropper, band aid, kids sunscreen, cotton, some tissues, rolled bandages, and other medicines you use for your kid generally.

It’s wonderful if you have this for your whole family. You can add your child’s safety kit there too.

Gears Like Crib/Travel System/Car Seat

If your child is still small and needs any one of the above, pick them based on the nature of your travel. If it’s going to be a road trip, you would definitely need a car seat cum stroller.

You can also carry a pack and play crib and playpen to have a comfortable journey with your child.

A portable diaper changing pad will also be necessary if you are travelling with a newborn or an infant.

This being said, you can also carry a baby carrier along with clothes. You can carry them in while exploring a new city.

light packing while travelling with kids


Planning comes first before anything. Get excited and start making your travel checklist a few days before traveling so that you can have everything you will need.

Another tip which I wanted to include is never carry kids essential documents like identity card, passport etc in their bags. Store them with yours or keep them in your handbag.

Traveling can get them cheerful in no time. Let’s make it even more merrier by planning it right and taking it light.

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