Indoor Games and Activities for Preschoolers.

Indoor Games and Activites for Preschholers

Inside: Indoor games and activities for preschoolers. They help kids move around and get tired when they’re stuck inside the house.

Looking for ideas to keep kids engaged when they have to stay inside the house for all day? These are simple free indoor activities for kids that do not need any buying to do, and I am sure you have most of these things at home.

Try these ideas that help kids vent out their energy and tire them out by the end of the day!

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List of Indoor Games

Here’s a list of Indoor Active games and Conversation Games for preschoolers. Great for summer vacations or rainy day games. When your kids feel bored, try these games they are sure to bring a smile to your kids faces; and keep them busy when you’re busy or when you need to keep them engaged.

Indoor Active Games

1. Car Track with Painter’s Tape

Put painter’s tape on the floor as a track for kids to drive little vehicles on. I usually get my kids to make the “track” with me, they just seem to play with it longer that way! Kind of like a train track, but a random shape with painters tape.

Indoor Bowling Alley — Empty Plastic bottles and a simple ball makes a great bowling fun for little kids. In fact, this is a game I’m sure adults and kids would like to play together.

2. Water and Ice Game —

I get my kids to play this game, usually when I’m preparing dinner. When you say “Water” you ask them to wiggle and shake to get their “sillies out”; then you randomly say “Ice” and they freeze in the position they are in. This is such a funny silly game especially preschoolers love. Some people also call it – Freeze Game.

3. Floor balance beam —

Put Painter’s tape or tape yarn in a straight line on the floor, to make a floor balance beam. Have your kids balance themselves on this DIY balance beam, where they walk on it by putting one step in front of the other without keeping their foot off the tape or the yarn!

If you love this game, here is a great “Curve a Beam” balance beam; which can be broken apart and kept away. When the child gets elevated the balancing act adds a totally different challenge to it.

In the picture: Curve a beam
Get more info:

4. Glow Stick Hide and Seek

Just as the name says pop and hide some glow sticks in a dark room, and everyone else has to find it.

We like these Glow stick pack, it comes in a 100 and are great to put on kids we go out after dark.

5. Play Head Shoulder Knees and Toes

Yup just like the song suggests, act out the song out. Touch your head shoulders Knees and Toes, Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose.

Here’s the Video if want a reference to the song!

6. Make and fly paper planes

Yup, good old make and fly paper planes! I can not tell you how much we do this in our house; I honestly sometimes have to call quits on making planes (to which my kids make their own cute little loosely folded paper planes!) Literally 80% of our coloring pages get made into planes before they fly into the recycle bins!

I ultimately brought this 100 Paper Planes To Fold and Fly set, it’s great. The planes have dotted lines on them and are 100 different colored and shaped planes for kids to tear and fly.

Conversation Games for Kids

7. Simon Says

Simon says is a fun game. If you don’t know how to play this it’s simple; one person acts like Simon and whatever he says everyone else do it, but only if the person begins the sentence with “Simon says”, if Here are 30 funniest simon says ideas for kids.

8. Ask these 45 Funny Questions to your kids.

9. Sing a song

It’s simple nursery rhyme of kids songs game. We undermine this old-school game so much; every person takes turn singing rhymes, with only 1 rule — you cant repeat a song. Little ones absolutely love this game!

We started loving this after playing it as a part of Pete The Cat Board Game.

10. Telephone Game

Great for Older preschoolers, but telephone-telephone game is always so funny. The first kid needs to keep whispering the small sentence (know as telephone game phrase), to the other player’s ear, and they keep whispering till all the players have heard the sentence, and then he/she says the sentence aloud, and it’s invariably always very funny and different from the one that was first said.

I hope you enjoyed these Indoor Games and Activities for Preschoolers. If you play any games with kids that I might try with mine, comment below!

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Indoor Games and Activities for Preschooler kids for rainy days.

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