10 Best Gardening Books for Kids

10 Best children's books about gardens

Inside: Best children’s gardening books. An amazing list of gardening books for preschoolers and toddlers. 10 best gardening books for kids that your little ones are sure to enjoy!

Summer is just around the corner.

And this is a perfect time to introduce gardening books for kids to encourage their interest in gardening, vegetables, flowers, grass, trees, seeds, herbs.

There is no better way to introduce something to kids than books, and these gardening books for kids are just what you need!

This will prepare them for outdoor fun in summers.

And Hopefully,

Help kids make a connection to where their food comes from, and maybe this will be your key to busting their “picky eater” habit!

We’re planning on doing a vegetable garden with kids this year, so I got a bunch of gardening books from our local library and ended up buying some from Amazon.

#momtip: Try to find some of these gardening books for kids in your library, I have a huge hunch you’ll find a lot of them at most of the public libraries, mate be look for gardening books for preschoolers. And, then get the ones that you like.

Here is the list of the gardening books for kids that I thought were the best of the bunch we got, and I know they’ll be very interesting for your family as well.

10 Best Gardening Books for Kids

1. MY GARDEN, by Kevin Henkeys

My Garden Best Childrens Gardening Books

This is a lovely gardening book for kids; illustrated by a girl who dreams of how her garden would be — It wouldn’t have weeds, flowers will grow right back on plants as she would pluck them, with chocolate bunnies and butterflies.

This is a very sweet, fun book to read with kids.

2. OUR TREE NAMED STEVE, by Alan Zweibel

Our Tree Named Steve - Best Children's Gardening Books

A wonderful book that teaches about love, empathy, and tolerance of nature for our world. It talks about a family’s connection with a tree that was in their front yard, and how their life revolved around the tree.

An amazing read. A keeper for sure. This is our most favorite of all the gardening books for kids here. 

3. PLANTING A RAINBOW by Lois Ehlert

Planting a Rainbow - Childrens Gardening Books

One of the most flowery and colorful books out there. It’s great for teaching kids, what it takes to grow a garden, starting from seeds, to preparing the land, watering and all.

Great for a toddler or to be the first book on gardening for your home book collection.


The Curious Garden - Best Children's Books

Another book you’re sure to find in your library. Since it’s one of the best and most selling books on gardening.

It talks about a boy who was stuck in a city where no plants grew and everyone stays inside.

But one time he finds some plants on the old rail tracks, and he builds a garden from there and inspires everyone else to grow gardens as well.

A great read for sure, more like for a preschool or school going kids. It has some many long sentences in it.


Lola Plants a garden - Best Children's Gardening Books

Another lovely book about “How does your garden grow?”.

It’s a great book if you are planning on starting a garden soon with your kids. This book will help them think and plan about what they’ll be doing in their own garden.

Lola reads a book about gardening and then decides the flowers she likes, and then she plants, weeds, waters them and waits for the flowers to come.

Very detailed and a book full of pictures, I bet your 3 yr old will love this one.

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6. ZINNIA’S FLOWER GARDEN by Monica Wellington

Zinnia's Flower Garden - Best Children's Gardening Book

This one is one of my favorites after the first two on the list. It’s a very flowery book that talks about all the different flowers.

It also has a beautiful picture storyline on each page, which shows the stages of the plants, like sprouting, flowering etc.

A sweet sweet gardening book for kids! Ideal gardening book for preschoolers, since they’ll also enjoy the names of the flowers.

7. UP, DOWN, AND AROUND by Katherine Ayres

Up Down and Around Childrens Gardening Book

A cute book for younger kids talks about water, roots, shoots and all things plants in a few words on each page.

So another great one of children’s gardening books for beginners.

8. EATING THE ALPHABETS: Fruits & Vegetables from A to Z by Louis Ehlert

Eating the alphabets best childrens gardening books

A to Z all fruits and vegetables you can and can’t think of. It’s not much of a storybook, but it’s a picture book and a great gardening book for babies to preschoolers.

A must add to your book collection at home…Really!

9. LET IT RAIN by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Let it Rain Childrens Gardening Book

Rainy – Springy – Garden Book. Great gardening book for toddler and preschoolers alike. Again not a deep storybook, but touches on all aspects of garden, rain, spring, sun, summer.

A sweet picture book that celebrates springtime!

10. THE LITTLE GARDNER (Teenie Greenies) by Jan Gerardi

The Little Gardener book

A gardening book for babies!

Can you even imagine that? It’s such a sweet book with lift flaps. Great for parents with a brown thumb, who want to introduce gardening to their babies.

And yes, it comes in a board book format, hey it’s a babies book..it has to!

I hope you like this list of gardening books for kids. It’s not a long list, because it does not have “all the gardening books on Amazon”.

They really are the best gardening books for kids in my opinion.

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