Organic and All Natural DIY Hand Soap

homemade Castile hand soap

So, the frugal gal in me keeps showing up time to time, although she happily stays quiet when it’s about spending money on our family’s health.

Today, she has brought a DIY Hand Soap Recipe for Y’all.

It’s safer, cleaner, cheaper, no mess, no hassle and the easiest recipe on the block!

Above all it uses a safe soap product, so no more triclosan and phthalates…such a win-win.

In the past, I’ve tried a couple of other DIY hand soap recipes, via Pinterest; but they’re too liquid-y or require cooking and dissolving of soap, they don’t create any foam, and I ended up with clogged soap dispensers – they were an absolute waste of time and resources.

But, you don’t dread.

This new recipe is absolutely opposite; there is no cooking or diluting soap and no saving gallons of watery soap in vinegar or milk jugs.

The natural solution we’re using is Castile Soap.

And the very good news? It’s way cheaper than store-bought, just fraction of the cost.

Like I got one 16 oz little bottle of Dr. Broner’s Castile soap for $6 and it’s been over a yr and I haven’t finished it yet.

Say whaaatt?

Yes, it’s that cheap.

Castile Soap is also very foamy; and for some reason, that’s important for me to “feel clean”.

Really; there’s no compromise, and you will love it!

DIY Hand Soap

Here is the easy chemical-free recipe for Nested Blissfully’s DIY Hand Soap.


All you need is 2 ingredients:

I use Dr. Bronners scented soaps so I don’t use any essential oils, but if you like essential oils or have some on hand, you can use about 15 drops of your favorite essential oil in the recipe. But, the essential oil is totally optional!

Oh, and a Foaming Soap Dispenser too!


Mix 1 part of castile soap and 4 parts of water and put that in a foaming soap dispenser, for a perfect consistency of foam.

(If you use a regular soap dispenser, use 2 parts of soap and 1 part water, and pump out less amount of your DIY soap)

Add the water first and then the soap; otherwise, you’ll create too much bubbles/foam, and it’ll get messy.

That’s it! As quick as refilling a soap dispenser with store-bought bulk soap!

Recommended Soap and Dispensers


Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap; hands down!

I love them so much because they are gentle enough to use on skin and strong enough for sinks and bathrooms. Hence, they call themselves an 18-in-1 Soap.

After all, it’s the only Real Soap; just saponified oils! How simpler can it get?

They come in a variety of scents, and are scented with essential oils, so very safe!

We use Dr. Bronner’s Rose and Lavender soaps.

But, I’m looking forward to buying the Hemp Citrus Orange one too; they also have Tea Tree and Peppermint if you like those scents.

The Baby Unscented is a great one for people with sensitive skins and of-course for babies.

It seems like a little investment in the beginning, but remember I got the little bottle and used it for a yr.


I’ve found that it works best with foaming soap dispensers. Otherwise, Castile Soap squirts too far away and in random directions, not fun!

So, save yourself some sanity and use a foaming soap dispenser.

I used an old Bath and Body Works empty foaming soap bottle for a while until I got some new glass soap dispensers from Amazon!

Here are a few Soap Dispensers I loved:

mDesign on Amazon has a great selection of glass soap dispensers, they’re pretty and reasonably priced.

I like the aqua and frost dispensers, but the green and sand ones are cute too, especially if it goes with your decor.

Here is a touchless soap dispenser, which you can adjust to a foaming or regular soap dispenser, it’s really cool. Quite affordable considering the hi-technology.

Behind The Scene

Our family broke up with Bath and Body Works a couple of years ago.

We used to like them so much, that I would ask for BBW gift cards for Christmas to use on their huge January clearance event, to score 80% off on their products.

All this was only until the health nut of our family (hubby dear) discovered the number of harmful effects these chemicals ridden products have on our health.

The cleaning part of the soap has chemicals, and the fragrances are also made of chemicals. Crazyyyy…

The list of harmful chemicals is very long, but to highlight a couple — they’re loaded with phthalates and triclosan, which are hormone-disrupting chemicals.

Now, hormonal imbalance is the last thing I want to introduce to our little kids.

Related posts: Dangers of overusing Hand Sanitizer.

Most soaps on the market have these two hormone-disrupting chemicals, not by these names, but most of the ingredients with numbers and words together that we can’t pronounce are none other than phthalates and triclosan.

Here is another 3 ingredient soap we switched too; it’s called Kiss my Face and the ingredients are: Olive oil, Salt, and Water, and it’s about a dollar a piece. I know, so simple and frugal.

Definitely, try this easy DIY Hand Soap recipe, it’s so cheap and mess-free, I can’t find a reason not to try!

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