Date Night Ideas for Parents with Kids

Date night for parents with kids

Inside – Interesting date night ideas for busy parents along with kids. Whether you are dating a single mom or dating someone with kids, these budget-friendly date night ideas for parents along with kids can be your best bet to do yourself a favor.

Planning date night ideas for parents with kids can be tricky. Sometimes babysitter is not available, other times using a babysitter often can feel like a strain on the pocket.

Fun things for couples to do at home

At home date night ideas can easily be fun things for couple. Infact to increase the number of times couples date each month, having kid friendly date night ideas are the way to go.

We just need to come out of the mindset that date night means going out for dinner and drinks. This way, we can stretch the budget and make dating with kids the new way to connect.

Here are a few such date night ideas for couples to try!

#1 Do a Puzzle Together with Family

Putting together a puzzle as a family is a great date night ideas for parents with kids. It doesn’t have to be a kids puzzle. It can easily be a puzzle that is adult level in difficulty, but the object of the puzzle is of interest to kids.

I never belive adults should play things with kids which only kids enjoy. It’s okay to not like to play with kids what they enjoy! Kids just want our company, and playing a puzzle with kids that parents enjoy is a great way to have some fun as a family on a date night.

Some Adult Puzzles that kids will enjoy on a family date night — Butterflies of North America Puzzle 500 Pieces, Ocean Life Puzzle, 1,000 Pieces, Map of The United States of America Puzzle, 70 Pieces.

#2 Do Travel Planning Together on a Date Night

A great travel does not happen with just showing up at the destination. Traveling is about exploring and learning new things that interests you as a family. And making travel plans can be a great kid friendly date idea.

It’s really good for kids to be involved in planning travel too. They get to know what is there in the destination to do, kids like this more than we will give credit to them. Travel Planning is one of the most fun things for couples to do at home for our family!

Don’t think of traveling a very expensive deal or limit it to beaches only, traveling to nearby states is a great option too,

Here’s a great Book for 50 states, 5000 things to do.

#3 Movie Nights At Home

Somehow I love Thursdays as Movie nights with kids. We make popcorn at home and watch a simple movie from Kids Amazon Prime.

Awesome movie at home together with family can make your date nights more special and memorable.

Dating a single mom or dating someone with kids

Honestly sometimes, dating someone with kids or dating a single mom can feel overwhelming for reasons that should not exits, when in reality dating with kids is not difficult at all. Taking kids on a date with you can be a great way for the kids to know you better and for you to get comfortable with kids too.

Here are some Budget friendly and Date Night Ideas for Parents with Kids

#4 Hit the Arcade

Visit the arcade, if you keep a budget in mind, it can be good fun without being a burden on your pocket, kid friendly date idea. t has the potential to take you back into your own teen years. I like this the best because it’s not just fun for the kids, but also so much fun for parents too.

#5 Visit a Museum

Visiting a museum for a kids date might sound expensive. But, did you know most museums have some day that’s free. Even some weekends. I know with Ban of America Credit Card the Second Sunday is free with A LOT of museums in many states. We’ve used our bank of America Card so many times to visit museums for free. That’s at least $35 saving for us everytime we use it!

#6 Picnic at the Park

Going for a picnic at the park is such a fun kid-friendly date idea, let’s be honest, if you take kids for a picnic with a few outdoor games. They’re sure to keep themselves busy for sometime, while adults caught up amongst themselves, a really fun old school family fun idea, that people don’t opt for these days!

#7 Grab a Cup of Coffee and Play some Games

So many cafes these days have little games for kids, or colors and color books. Parents could grab a coffee and kids can get a game to play, with mid-aged kids, it’s very easy to grab separate tables too.

#8 Visit a Festival or a Parade

Summer Festivals are our very favourite thing to do. Yes festival food can be a little pricy sometimes, but it’s definitely cheaper than a date night at a restaurant, especially considering you don’t need to hire a babysitter to visit a destival.

Festivals get an image of an expensive date idea, but if you keep yourself within the budget. It’s an excellent choice when dating with kids.

All you need is a good stroller to stroll kids around in the festival, trust me we go to atleast 5 festivals every summers and kids love it, they never cry or frustrate adults, there’s so much at festivals it’s and ideal family date idea with toddlers.

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Budget Friendly Date Night Ideas for Parents with Kids

#9 Get Dessert from A Fancy Place and Stroll in the backyard

We’ve done this so many times — When it’s around bedtime for kids, we put them in car, drive to a local bakery to get a dessert to take out. Kids usually sleep on the drive to the bakery; then we chat along on the drive back and then chat some more after we reach home! My kids usually just sleep through the night, and don’t wake up when transferred to beds; I can’t count how many times we’ve done this! A really good Budget-friendly date night idea.

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#10 Try Stargazing

Yes, get yourself under the sky along with your kids and enjoy some star watching along with your kids. You can easily have some quality time as a couple while your kids are busy star gazing.

#11 Take a Short Drive

Take a drive in your car to a destination in your locality or simply go for a round in your vehicle and return home without any stops. Short drives can make things easy to manage

Hope these set of date night ideas for parents is helpful for you.
Of course, I know it is difficult to plan date nights with all the reasons and excuses we have as parents. But still, our mental sanity and our family relationships deserve a break from the routine, for which date nights are the best way out!

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