Why I Choose Coconut water Over fruit juice for my kids.

Coconut Water

Fruit juices seem to be the most common snack or drink for the kids, especially apple juice. Mostly because they are assumed to be equivalent to whole fruits, and convenient to carry around.

We don’t drink much fruit juices, instead of coconut water is our rehydrating drink for the entire family. I first learned about its benefits when I suffered from chronic dehydration during my first pregnancy, in spite of drinking 4 quarts of water a day.

Coconut water comes from young coconuts and is water like in texture. Don’t confuse it with coconut milk which is white in color, and high in fat.

Coconut water is low in calorie and carbs, while high in Vitamins and minerals. It’s so high in potassium, it is most of the athlete’s rehydration drink. In Asian countries it’s used as a rehydration drink in burn injury patients, they dehydrate more quickly than regular people.

Comparison Between Coconut water and Apple Juice

Just like the convenient packaging of fruit juices and fruit drinks (which only have 18% juice), coconut water is also available in 8 oz to 64 oz tetra packs. You can find it in almost all grocery stores, and if you are like us, and consume a pack a day or more, buy it in bulk. Costco, sam’s club, and even Amazon have great prices on a 12 pack.

I realize fruit juices are a quicker way to get kids their daily serving of fruit, but because of high sugar content and low dietary fiber, they are becoming one of the major reasons of childhood obesity. Whole fruits are the way to go, and if you must make a drinkable fruit drink, fruit smoothies are a much better alternative to juices.

We do get juices here, mostly the ones very high in antioxidants, like Acai Berry, Pomegranate juice and Trader Joe’s Power of 7 juice.

We are always intentionally trying to keep our son from developing a sweet tooth. Since early age is the best time to inculcate better food habits than trying to rectifying ourselves in 30’s. So, chocolates, fruit juices, “fruit snacks” and popsicles are an absolute occasional treat.

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Do you add coconut water to any other drinks? I would love to hear that in the comments below.

coconut water vs fruit juice

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