Top 8 Best Water Table Available On Amazon To Enhance Your Child’s Play Experience

best water tables on amazon

Inside: Why water tables are essential for kids? Which is the best water table available on Amazon? Your guide to decide what kind of water table 2021.

What else could be a fun and effective way to engage your toddler other than water tables/sand tables?! Water tables are very popular these days among parents as it offers n-number of open-ended play options. 

Water is a natural substance that kids are always fond of. And these tables just elevate and regulate the fun they get out of it. Your children can have the most funtastic as well as safe play experience while they master cognitive and fine motor skills. 

Before choosing a water table for my son, I had these questions in my mind. How beneficial are these tables? What is the ideal age and size? Which brand should I go for? How long can I let them play with it? And a lot more sensical and nonsensical questions. 

I will try to answer most of them here and also list down the best water tables available on Amazon.

My Experience With Water Tables

When my elder son was one year and three months old, I got him his first water table from Amazon. He didn’t get along well with it right away but once I filled with water, his excitement knew no bounds. 

We filled the tub with water and left his boat and bath toys in there. At first, he took out the toys and just splashed the water everywhere. 

We showed him how fun it would be if he drove the boat on water. He learned it with time and now demands water play every day for a minimum of one hour.

He picks his own set of toys to immerse or swim across the water. And explores the whole region with his creative story versions which is a pleasure to watch! ❤️

Benefits of Water Tables

Water play done right

Kids get enthusiastic when they get an opportunity to play with water. But most of the water games are outdoors and need special setup. And while they decide to play indoors, the whole area can get messy. Water tables minimize the risk while increasing the fun and safety.

They also can play independently without your interruption while you can stay close to them and monitor.

Sensory exploration

This is really important for children especially around the age of 1 to 2. This is when they would have begun to explore and feel things at a sensory level. 

When they play with natural substances like water or sand, they get to know how it feels. It stimulates their interest in investigating and knowing everything around them.

Early learning and childcare experts state that every child should undergo at least one kind of sensory play activity in a day.

Development of gross and fine motor skills

At the age of 1 to 3, kids develop a plethora of fine motor skills. Water tables naturally and effortlessly promote the development of these skills in children. 

You can see them doing movements like splashing, squeezing, picking toys from water, pouring water out and many more. That does the job!

Calms them out

Your child being cranky for the whole day for no specific reason? Fill their water table with something exciting and observe what happens. 

This is an instant stress buster that relaxes their mind and lets them focus on the game. Their mind keeps on thinking what to do next while their hands are busy following that instruction. And amidst this, the crankiness gets vanished.

Multi Purposeful product

A water table is not just a water table but a sensory bin where you can fill in with anything. Your child gets a comfortable angle to play from along with a variety of choices to play with.

And there are many other benefits like coordination, enhanced early learning, strengthening of hand muscles, improved creativity etc. What I love the most is the visible happiness on my child’s face!

Some Questions That Might pop in Your Head Before Buying The Product!

What is the ideal age?

These tables are usually good for children who are above the age of 18 months and can stand properly or sit on a small chair and work.

With or without accessories?

Clearly, I have tried both and it depends on our choice. If you have small objects and beach toys at home, you wouldn’t need them. 

What can I use to fill the tub along with water?

Sensory materials, Alphabets, Shapes, animals, trees, little squeeze toys, colorful floating balls, or you can even add a little foam.

What materials are these products made of?

They are usually made of Plastic or reinforced ABS plastic which is eco-friendly as well. You can also find some made of wood, but they are very rare to find.

How many children can play together at a time?

These water tables are aimed to let children play together while learning something. Based on the size of the table, 1 to 4 children can play around the table. These water tables are suitable for twins too!

Some water table fun activities for toddlers and kids?

Create a beach by filling in sand and beach toys, dropping in animals and creating a rescue mission, scooping little toys out with the help of a shovel, filling it with sensory materials like pom poms, beans, rice instead of water. 

Let me show you some awesome water tables that you can buy from Amazon.

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

Step 2 is the choice for many moms when they have to buy play gear for their children. This product holds that name high with its unbeatable creative design and quality.

This has a never-seen-like two tier innovative design that has two layers. So your child is not just going to splish and splash but pour the water from the top too.

The top layer is a little high for young toddlers that make it challenging to reach and pour. Isn’t it an exciting thing to see water falling like rain from the top to bottom region?!

Along with the water table, you get a 13 piece accessory too which contains mugs, duck, strainer, flipper etc. This takes the play experience to the next level as everything has a purpose here.

With its relatively large space, more than 2 children can comfortably stand and play with water in multiple ways possible.

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

One of the best products of Little Tikes that has been designed and structured keeping the children in mind!

This table comes with many exciting play features that stimulate the curiosity in a toddler’s mind. They are going to have fun seeing water or objects spiraling down from the top.

And the ferris wheel on one side has hoops that can pick up and drop off balls floating in the water.

They can also pour water and see how its movement is making the twin wheels rotate. That’s some powerful science concept they can learn at a young age, right?

Let them spin and play with the spinner, watch water go round and round down the spiralin, or scoop up and off balls while developing strong bonds with their friends.

And the character balls can also squirt water! Exciting? 

Little Tikes Fish ‘n Splash Water Table

Another wonderful product from Little Tikes that has earned the love of both kids and parents is here. Made of lightweight plastic, this little table is a perfect option to spice up your water games.

It already comes with a set of fish toys that can give them a mock fishing experience with most realistic objects. They can drop a fish through a fishbowl, let it splash-land in water and collect with a detachable fishing rod. 

This is the easiest way to teach them counting while imparting some fine motor skills by operating the fishing rod.

Catching the fish can be challenging but the kids are going to love it as they love trying things over until it’s perfect.

And did I mention the launch pad that can help them aim the fish to land in the water?! That’s a lovely addition in this piece too.

Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set

Are you looking for a convenient option to store your kids’ toys while getting them something resourceful like a water table or an activity table?

Don’t miss this colorful set that serves you in different ways and comes with building blocks.

The table is closed with a lid which has the base for building blocks on one side and smooth surface on another side.

So they have got an activity table where they can play blocks also. If you remove the lid, you can fill it with water and use it as a water table.

You can make the water table colorful by adding the pieces of building blocks. While it’s not in use, this place can be used to store their toys and activity sets.

If storage is your biggest concern, this table should be your go-to.

Kidoozie Sand ‘n Splash Activity Table 

Those who want to bring the beach to their home for their children can definitely go for this! It has two compartments one to fill sand and another one to fill water with.

This is a perfect water table for twins as each one can play in their own compartment without interrupting others.

This has a closing lid too. Once they are done with playing, it’s easy to store things here and organize it.

It also comes with sand and water toys like shovel, boat, bucket etc. These toys help children explore the sensory materials to the fuller extent while having fun together.

Take their pretend play sessions to another level with this easy to set up water/sand table as well as storage compartment.

Toddler Activity Table/water table by Coodoo

When I was looking for a large water table, many of my mom friends recommended this to me.

This has an extra large table with two chairs. Your child can use this as an activity table, water table, sand table and to play building blocks too.

The water well portion is also large which can give your children realistic water play experience. And they can sit in a relaxed manner and play. The table is deep enough for toddlers to reach their hand till bottom while playing.

The detachable launch pads make it easy to target objects and toys right into the water from four sides. And there are small storage boxes fixed on both sides for them to keep water toys.

ECR4Kids Adjustable Activity Play Table Center with Lids

If you are looking for something minimalistic, don’t forget to check this out. This setup has four tables attached together which you can use for your child to enrich their sensory exploration. 

As there are four tables, they can get creative while playing and put different objects in each table. The height is just the right amount for them to reach the bottom of the table while playing. 

Once they are done with playing, remove the water with the help of a pit, clean it up, store the toys inside and close it with lids.

The bins are removable which makes it easy to fill in water or clean after using.

My cousin has this and she would say that this is the best multifunctional table she has ever seen.

Children’s Factory 18″ Large Sensory Table & Lid Set

This sensory table is pretty large in size and exactly like the ones used in Montessori classrooms. Your child can spend a long time playing around the table experiencing the pleasure of water.

This has moving wheels on the bottom which helps you to move this easily across your home. Lock the wheels when you find a perfect spot for them to play.

This is for kids above the age 3. You can fill the sensory table with water or any other sensory materials like beads, rice, sand to keep them engaged.

The large table has a lid too using which you can turn this into a toy storage organizer. The material of the product is sturdy and well-finished too. 


Water tables are absolutely essential to create a nurturing environment for children’s sensory exploration. They love to explore there as it comes with umpteen play options. And parents can get some time to breathe when they can relax and observe their interesting water game sessions. 

But when there are too many options to buy, our mind easily gets confused. Looking at the above options, you can decide which is best for your child and its nursery. Don’t forget to share this with your mom tribe. 

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