Physical, Emotional and Mental Development Benefits of Playgrounds.

Physical, Emotional and Mental Development Benefits of Playgrounds. Kids feel accepted and Safe at a Playground so they can take calculated risks there and expand their self confidence.

Inside: Physical, Emotional and Mental Development Benefits of Playgrounds for Kids. Plus the main reason why kids love Playgrounds so much!

Playgrounds are a perfect setting to help kids develop independence, confidence in their bodies, teach them to be conscious about their bodies, helps them make better choices, of what can or should be done and what not (which takes a lot of brain activity) and teaching them self-control.

Reasons why kids love playgrounds — Size of the Equipment.

Playgrounds are the most fun place for kids and kids of all ages feel very happy at the playground. In spite of the playgrounds being so still and just structured, kids just love visiting playgrounds.

The main reason is the size of the equipment at the big playground, it is just perfect for kids.

Everything there is made exclusively for the kids, keeping their minds and bodies the focus, to entice kids just enough to experiment and explore, but not so much stimulation that they feel confused and don’t know what to do.

I remember the surprise in my shy child’s face when we first visited an indoor kids place, where everything was his size, he was mesmerizingly drawn to it. And that’s when I understood the power of right-sized stuff that Montessori families keep talking about.

I think the right size of equipment makes it’s more “understandable” and “actionable” for kids. In other words, kids feel accepted, heard and special at the playground.

It’s a place they can just be themselves!

And have you seen how much content our toddlers and kids are just running around having fun watching others, or trying new adventures, they clearly love going to playgrounds!

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A little bit of behind the scene in kids minds —

Kids truly understand and believe we adults are awesome, and they can’t wait to be like us. They understand that they need our help to live their day to day life, but they very desperately want to be independent just like us (even the ones who ask you to do their stuff all the time).

And that desire to be like you, independent, cool and take risks is exactly what playgrounds address for children. Kids can be independent, powerful and risky at the playground just like their moms and dads.

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Physical, Emotional and Mental Development Benefits of Playgrounds for Kids

Physical Development Benefits of Playgrounds

Physical Development: Yes, the obvious one, when you think about playgrounds! But hey, we forget the extent. All the climbing and pulling and stretching at that early age makes their body particularly flexible. And get their bodies acclimatized to use all those muscles which we don’t use often as adults.

Release of energy: So as you know children’s bodies are growing which means their body cells are dividing and this releases a ton of energy, which is what they *always* seem to have so much energy in them. Playgrounds are a perfect place to expend that energy that’s winded up in their bodies!

Mental Development Benefits

Decision making: The skill which is so important to be successful and if you let your child make the decision of what he wants to try or do at the park. They’ll be so much more good at decision making later in their life.

Yes, it does means letting them make some risks, and stepping back in telling them what they should try and what they shouldn’t.

It will also take a lot of trust in your child that they will be safe.

Self-Confidence: I can’t say enough about this; kids develop so much self-confidence by playing at the park, especially the young ones. They develop this confidence because they do those climbing and sliding, over and over again! And that repetition without assistance is so empowering for them!

Emotional Development Benefits

Emotional Development: Just like when we do anything adventurous like zip lining, water rafting or any adventurous sports you think of we have our hearts pounding and blood gushing through our brains. Kids feel the same emotions when they try all those obstacles in the playgrounds.

And how we feel amazing, confident and thrilled after the sports, they feel awesome after the plunge on that slide, or that climb up the ropes or on monkey bars! They develop these amazing confidence, and emotions.

“I did it!” Emotion: The emotion of achievement is so ecstatic for kids, especially because they usually feel dependent on adults. So any moment when they do something on their own, give them extreme happiness and an emotional boost!

Considering all these physical, emotional, and mental development benefits of playgrounds, and the reason why kids love playgrounds, I am hoping you will make an extra effort to take kids to play grounds.

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