3 MIN READ: A Simple Method To Get Your Child’s Attention.

What to do when kids don't listen to you!

At times you need complete co-operation from kids, and you need that right now! In this post, I will share a quick solution to get your kids to listen to what you have to say!

Maybe you must get them out the door this very instant, or they must stop hitting the dog or a friend, or they must stop throwing things right now.

You want kids to do something for you, but they are way too playful or engaged or maybe way too upset and or too rambunctious to listen.

Such a tough situation, right? and I feel like we all deal with it at least once every day.

So what do you do at such a time? Yell out loud, so you can get their attention? (unfortunately, I do that way too much than I would like), it works but it puts everyone is such an awful mood.

BUT, there is one more thing I do and it works wonders for me; it helps me get their attention every single time and most times they will also listen to what I ask them to do.

Straight out the bat; my respectful solution is: Whisper it to them!

So silly right? But, don’t underestimate it… it works!

So just go near them; come down to their level and tell them you would like to tell them something or you have something you must explain to them.

And then softly whisper in their ear everything you want to tell them.

When you whisper; their attention span is going to be amazing in listening to what you have to say, they are way more likely to understand what you said, and chances of them doing what you would ask them to do is exponentially high.

Try to keep your overwhelmed emotions away, and speak to them calmly, lovingly and have confidence that they will listen to what you are saying and they will.

If you find them running away, start with smaller sentences, and build up the habit.

There are a plethora of reasons why it works —

Maybe it’s because sometimes kids are tired with loud verbal sounds, and a whisper is something more manageable.


Maybe it’s because whispering something to someone automatically makes the person and the thing being said very special. Think about it, how many people do you whisper things to? Very very few.


It could be the physical closeness that comes with having to whisper to someone. And kids always cherish and value physical closeness to their adults. Physical closeness to parents, when everyone is playful has an instant calming and loving effect on kids.

So that is it, my simple solution to the tough problem; whispering my instructions is my little secret to getting kids to listen to what I want to tell them when they are way too busy in their heads, but there is also something else that must be done right away!

It’s not disrespectful, it’s not tricky, it’s just a special way of conveying your thoughts, and kids seem to love, understand and appreciate the special attention!

I would love to hear if whispering to your kids works for you; lemme know in the comments below!

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