67 Unique Advice Pro Moms Said They Would Have Given Themselves As A New Mom!

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Inside: Advice moms said they would have given themselves as a new mom! Best advice for new parents, they’re funny yet practical. Helps prepare you for motherhood

I asked my mom friends in one of my groups, what is the advice they would have given themselves as new moms. And the lovely ladies gave over a hundred responses, a few were similar but here are the best 67 unique parenting advice for new parents. Mostly funny and practical advice for new moms.

So, I decided to share it this here on the website, for more moms to learn mom tips from these experienced moms. These are not my personal opinion, but I wanted to share all of these with you as they said them!

Advice for New Moms

  • Follow your gut, it’s always right!
  • Accept help from who offer.
  • Trust Your Instincts
  • Postpartum anxiety is real.
  • Just let the stupid stuff go and sit and snuggle
  • Don’t lose yourself. Take a day off even if you feel like you don’t want too.
  •  Be gentle with yourself
  • Give yourself time to adjust, find a good support system, and don’t compare yourself to other moms on social medi
  • Not taking care of yourself first will hurt you in the short-term and long-run.
  • Get a good baby monitor so you can do other things while the baby naps.
  • Everything is going to be alright
  • Take care of yourself too
  • Babies don’t break, relax
  • Get Mom Friends
  • If you can’t pick up your baby all the time, it’s okay.
  • Invest in a baby carrier right off the bat. Totally worth it for the snuggles and to get stuff done!
  • Get your butt back in shape because it’s 23,807 times harder after 4.
  • When the baby naps, you nap
  • The baby would sleep great one day, and I would make it through.
  • The feelings I felt in the first few months were valid and didn’t make me a bad mom.
  • Let the baby’s dad have regular time with the baby every day and continue use as the child grows it is essential for your child’s bonding with the dad.
  • You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to do your best.
  • Have lots more sex with your hubby.
  • Slow down
  • Spend as much time with your kids it goes by really fast.
  • It goes way to fast, they grow up in a blink, literally a blink!
  • Stop cleaning everything. It doesn’t matter
  • You don’t need to do anything more than take care of yourself and the baby.
  • Enjoy all the moments
  • This is your bestest time! The rest will not make history
  • Dont put yourself last or everyone will expect it forever 
  • You’re going to do a great job!
  • Just cultivate patience and be more social
  • Roll with it. There is no schedule. It is what it is… and seriously…DON’T GOOGLE!
  • Take newborn pictures.
  • Do YOU. Don’t worry about what every other mom has done/said.
  • Calm down. It’s not the end of the world and it’s not going to matter in the long run. 
  • Don’t go on Facebook and Instagram and judge what other moms are doing.
  • Take one picture each day, BUT live in the moment, not behind the camera
  • Relax – don’t take everything so seriously – and you CANNOT control your kids. Let them be themselves
  • Do not satisfy yourself with food 
  • Stand up for your opinions and how you want to raise your child
  • Don’t treat yourself with wine all the time
  • It’s ok to do things the easy way sometimes
  • Get some damn rest!
  • Put your oxygen mask on FIRST! You can’t be a breath of fresh air and when you are struggling for oxygen!
  • You will not miss any firsts. The first time YOU see it will be the first.
  • Accept all the help, but filter some of the advice.
  • Stop yelling
  • Focus on sleep/self care (Join our Me Time Challenge)
  • Your feelings are valid.
  • Talk to someone about it 
  • Get up and brush your hair and teeth, the first thing
  • Throw all your expectations out the window.
  • Do not listen to the parenting advice of people who have not yet raised children.
  • Birth control
  • Fuck the housework… and your in-laws shit comments
  • Quit your job, stay home, and start your own business sooner rather than later. You are scared but you can do it!
  • It’s okay not to enjoy all the moments, it doesn’t make you a lesser mother. 
  • The feeling of failure is a myth. Get over it, be yourself, and chill.
  • Your instincts were right.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for first-time mom; I definitely felt these were the best parenting tips every new mom needs.

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Advice moms said they would have given themselves as a young mom! Best advice for new parents, they’re funny, practical. Plus prepare you for motherhood



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