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Hello, Welcome to my little cozy internet home. I am Kay a mom to two lovely kids and wife to a kind hearted man. We have a very organic approach to life and like to keep everything simple and minimal.

Here on Nested Blissfully I talk about Natural home, respectful parenting, and frugal lifestyle practices. Let’s save the environment, maintain a healthy bank balance, and raise responsible, creative individuals.

In order to live comfortably, we have created a lot of nuisance for Mother Earth. It’s high time that we take a step back, look at our practices and eliminate the ones that just benefit us as individuals or the human race. Think in a broader prospective, think of how can we prosper in our lives without taking from others unjustly.

Moms are nature’s nurturers, they are designed to take responsibility for their little ones over everything else. I have lived my days when I was penny pinching frugal and my house was a chemical free zone. Now, with two kids and a life to live I try to maintain a balance in all aspects of my life to keep my sanity and give my kids the time they deserve. So, I do let in natural cleaners in my house instead of cleaning only with vinegar and baking soda (trust me if you have those two, you can clean ANYTHING) and I am a lot less frugal. I understand everything has a price, if it’s not in dollars it’s gonna cost you in time, and I will rather give my time to my kiddos than to grocery stores and coupons (for now). I still cook whole, organic home-cooked meals as much as possible, and I still don’t spend extravagantly on anything, less is truly more for me now.

I am just a curious and really passionate mom, who wears all hats when needed, wants the best for her family and will climb all mountains to ensure that.

On a personal note, I am inquisitive in nature, I meditate to seek the ultimate truth, and believe where there is Love you don’t need anything else.

Hop on the wagon with me, to a journey of being our better selves.



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