Thursday June 20, 2024
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I meant it, welcome to my little cozy internet home.

I am Kanwal (Pronounced as “Kaa-val”), feel free to call me K. {It’s a tough name for Indian people too 😉 }

I’m a mom to two lovely kids & my four-legged oldest child; and wife to the most kind-hearted man I know. We have a very organic approach to life and like to keep everything simple and minimal.

Here on Nested Blissfully I talk about Respectful Parenting, Kids Behaviors, and Kids Nutrition (because nutrition effects behavior…big time!)

Grab a cup of drink and let’s chat a little about Nested Blissfully!

Why I started it; how did it change my life and how will it take your family on a journey – a journey where you and your child can develop a strong and transparent relationship.

So that they are able to trust you and confide in you always. And, so you can prepare them to leave you and make a successful and independent life for themselves!

First About Nested Blissfully

At Nested Blissfully, I talk the most about Parenting, particularly difficult Kids Behaviors and Emotional Development.

Particularly – Why do kids display difficult behavior, what do kids mean by those deceiving actions, how to manage it so they feel heard and accepted unconditionally; so are able to show you the real hurt sooner than later.

The second thing I commonly talk about is Mom Life, particularly — how to make your life as a parent easier, without putting your kids in front of screens!

Also about resources to make your child’s life simple; so they feel empowered to learn on their own!

There is a lot of talk about independent play, simple toys and book recommendations for kids of all ages!

Then there is also Healthy Home and Kids Nutrition. — Living a holistic life is very close to me and my husband. He’s a functional medicine physician, so he mostly runs the show behind out healthy lifestyle, and I just share with ya’ll how we do – what we do, in the arena of Kids Nutrition!

And my quickest post category is 3 MIN READS. They are quick parenting strategies and solutions to common issues parent face!

In short; Our motto at Nested Blissfully is —

“Don’t treat a child; as you wouldn’t treat an adult”. – K. Gupta


“Don’t teach them, let them learn!” – K. Gupta

Unfortunately, we adults do the exact opposite of our purposes by trying to teach kids of things they are not yet ready to learn! (best intentions, that give futile results)

Then our kids have to spend a good chunk of their youth unlearning what we taught them and finding new ways to learn.

So, I believe it’s best to let them be led by their curiosity to learn! 

And as far as “teaching” them goes — the best way is to model the right behavior and inspire them to be what we want them to be, by being righteous ourselves.


Why I started writing on Nested Blissfully

I feel like a child whisperer! (I totally do!)

I’ve always been able to see past their actions (good and bad) and have seen through why they are doing what they are doing, and what they really mean by those actions, and how to deal with them!

As a matter of fact; I have a FREE PDF about How to deal with 10 common difficult behaviors by kids {let me send it to you}.

But most of all, I also feel kids are very very highly misunderstood!

Hence I felt compelled, to write about my perspective on parenting; and be at service to my own and other kids and parents!

Helping parents, see-through those wordless communication attempts!

So, the first reason was: I could not keep my mouth shut; on kids being misunderstood and parents feeling lost. While I could see the complete picture crystal clear; I had to say (or rather, write…)

Plus, I am an avid Instagrammer (Let’s be friends on, Instagram!)


What I realized was — it’s much easier to understand a concept when someone else shares it, as opposed to going through the pain and trying to understand the problem and all, when you see/read someone else sharing it, it just clicks! 

So this was the second reason for starting Nested Blissfully — It’s easier on other people to read and hopefully apply my opinion on parenting in their parenting style and make their and their kid’s lives easier and happier!

And now for the third reason; which my friends tell me is funny, but it’s very serious for me!

It’s this — “I hate (HATE) free advice from people”. So, I could not give it to people when I saw them doing the opposite of their intentions to their kids, but I couldn’t keep shut too.

So my middle path of expressing my opinion for someone who is open to opinions — is to write on Nested Blissfully!

When was Nested Blissfully Born?

I have an MBA degree in Healthcare Administration, and was Nursing Home Administrator to be precise; in another life before kids.

But, after my son came along, I made more and more friends with kids, and all our other friends also started to have kids.

As I found myself surrounded with children and parents, I saw the struggle both these far apart generations had with each other. All this while I cherished every moment of it and was pretty cool about most aspects of motherhood…(except potty training, that monster freaks me out big time..)

By the time my daughter came along (a yr and a half later); I was compelled to start writing about my understanding of Parenthood; as a matter of fact, I started writing when she was just 2 months old, I was so compelled.

And now, I am Healthcare Administrator turned into a Professional Parenting Blogger.

Yes, I changed my profession, by following my newly discovered passion!

How has a journey with Nested Blissfully changed me?

Okay, this is a little vulnerable; so if vulnerability makes you uncomfortable, skip over this part!

I did not have a tough childhood, I was and am loved very deeply by my family. However, I was one of the most misunderstood children I have known (atleast that’s how I felt).

Writing more on concepts about Parenting and misunderstood children; has helped me heal the child inside me- by the adult who I am today.

Because the fact is — you can’t parent calmly and peacefully – consistently; until you truly feel calm and peaceful -consistently, as an individual.

Up until a few months ago (almost a yr after I started writing) I still had anguish inside me of how I was treated by the society as a child.

Then I had a realization — I was not mistreated; I was misunderstood.

And once this realization came; all that anguish vanished, and my heart was at peace.

So, now I’ve chosen to work towards helping adults understand kids, so no child goes misunderstood (hopefully, ever!)

How will this change your life as a Reader

Nested Blissfully is going to help you —

  • Become a fearless parent.
  • Make your kids more independent, from birth.
  • Understand the meaning behind your child’s actions.
  • Develop a transparent relationship with your child.
  • Trust your child and their developmental needs.
  • Relax about your child’s Physical and Emotional Development.
  • Stir the “desire to explore” in your kids.
  • Help your kids become self-directed and self-motivated.
  • Reduce screen time (to almost zero)
  • Understand how nutrition and lack of nutrition affects your child’s behavior and immunity.
  • Make healthier food choices as a family
  • As a mom, you shall feel more confident about your parenting instincts.
  • Focus more on process vs product in your child’s learning.
  • Find breaks for yourself, while your kids occupy themselves productively and independently.

It’s a journey

Just like every learning, Respectful and Intentional Parenting is a journey, and there is no end to it.

You will always be learning new ways to interact and understand your child; all it needs is – your will to do so.

Yes, all it needs is your will to parent consciously and intentionally.

And I promise you, all those mundane struggles with your children are going transform into little joys of the life, that you’ll treasure all your life, all with a slight shift in your attitude as a parent!

Hop on the wagon with me, let’s raise responsible and creative individuals.

Nested Blissfully Author

P.S: Can I ask for a favor? Would you fill out a parenting questionnaire for me? It’ll help you understand your own parenting style better and help me understand it too!

(I don’t need any personal information from you, it’s strictly parenting related only!)

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