12 Balloon Games for Preschoolers with Just 1 Balloon.

Balloon games for preschoolers

Inside: 12 Balloon Games for Preschoolers, with just 1 Ballon. A quick list of balloon fun activities which I tried with both my preschoolers and they LOVE all these, well other than the 5th one, that was hard work for them!

Here are Balloon Activities for Preschoolers to try. These no prep indoor kids games with balloons are a favorites for our home.

Balloon Activities

We play with balloons so much I’ve got this huge pack of 100 Balloons from Amazon, and we go through these so quickly. In spite of just a couple of balloons every few days.

This Balloon Pump is the other thing we use. It’s around $5 but you won’t need another one, ever. So much better than dollar tree ones, if you think of getting them!

Movement Ballon Games for Preschoolers

Don’t Let the Balloon touch the Floor

A classic one for my husband and son. They have this competition on who can keep it in the air longer by tapping on the ballon and not letting it fall. We use one of these simple sand timers or you could use your phone (we just try to keep phones away!)

Balance the balloon on your Palm and walk

Okay this one is very tough. Seriously more tough than you can think. To make it easier for kids let them balance with the top on the palm. To make it tough try balancing the ballon hirizontally and walk. Walking with a balloon without holding it is so difficult, because the ballon wants to fall down!

Really Challenging and Really Fun!

Tap Ballon with a bat (don’t let it fall on floor)

Honestly, we just use a golf club from this little tikes golf set we have, but I know people make balloon paddle with paper plates and Ice-cream sticks.

The Ballon game is simple; throw the ballon in air upwards and just keep taping the balloon upwards not letting it fall to the floor, it’s easier with a golf club than just with hands.

Balloon Static Trick

Hanging Balloon from skin

So what you do is, you rub a blown ballon on someone’s head to crate static in the balloon; and then you streach an arn and put the ballon on the arm, often times the ballon stick to the little hair on your arm, also on clothes.

The static created in the balloon from rubbing helps it stick!

Catch the Balloon Activities for Preschoolers

Play Catch the Balloon

Playing catch with a ball is easy, playing catch with balloon? No so easy! But it’s great for little kids because the balloons are big and easy to handle. It’s a really great combination because you can’t throw balloons far with , but they’re easy for preschoolers to catch! For adults, it’s literally a Ballon activity for physical education..lol..

Catch the Balloon in a hat/basket

Throw a ballon upwards in the air, and try to catch the ballon in a hat or basket. We use a kid’s hat and also this fries basket. And it’s a fun one to try, because of all the other tapping games, my son invariably taps the ballon upwards instead of catching it in the basket.

Funny Indoor Kids Games with balloons

Make a Balloon Pendulum

Put a small ping pong ball or some small crayons in the ballon to weight it down and blow it up, then tie a yard string to it, and tape it in the center of the doorway, that becomes a great Ballon Pendulum; now see your kids find ways to play with it. Mine have swung it to each other as a pendulum, kicked it, swung it hard, twirled around with it.. see what all things your ids come up with this balloon pendulum.

OR use these round balloon lights, and make it a party!

Sit on the Balloon without popping it

Whose child hasn’t done it; and then popped it.. LOL.. my 2 yr old loves to do this. She likes to make a Balloon Chair. LOL.. it’s so fun to have her develop this on his own! This is my favorite amongst all the balloon activities for preschoolers.

Make Funny sounds with Balloons

While there are many ways to make funny sounds with Balloons our favorite one is blowing the ballon and then stretch the neck of the ballon and it makes the sound of kid’s favorite F word.. yes the balloon farts.. My son does that as runs around the house asking — who did it?

This is the most hilarious activity of all the balloon fun activities.

Ballon activities For Kindergarten

For older kids balance balloon on their head

My 5 yr old can’t do it yet perfectly. But we try, my husband and I do it with him to encourage him to keep balancing the ballon on his head.

Who Blows the ballon fastest

While kids can’t always blow the balloon with their mouths; this balloon pump is a great solution, and gross motor activity for kids to learn. BUT, blowing the balloon with your mouth is a skill we are losing out, teach your kids to blow balloon with their mouth. It’s difficult for kids, but a skill we all must learn!

Tie the balloon neck

Tie the ballon a knot, with a thread, yard etc. I know it’s difficult for kids. But again a great skill to develop and try. It’s more of a balloon activity, but hey a kid’s work is his play is’nt it πŸ™‚

I hope you like balloon games for preschoolers. We absolutely love these indoor kids games with balloons; let us know your thoughts in the comments below πŸ™‚

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Balloon Games for Preschoolers. Ballon games with 1 Balloon.

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