100 Simon says game commands And How To Play Simon Says Game

List of Simon Says Commands with Free Printable of Simon Says Ideas.

Simple Simon Says Games Commands, great for preschoolers and toddlers. Plus detailed instruction on how to play Simon says. Also includes list of Simon says commands PDF.

Simon Says is a great game to play with toddlers and preschooler, I’ve seen 10 yr olds enjoy it a lot too. Simon Says Game has so many developmental benefits, plus helps kids with social skills too.

It has the potential to become any home’s go-to game, and I have no doubt about it!

It’s a fun-filled game with absolutely no materials! Let’s get started.

Simon Says Game

‘Simon Says’ is a simple icebreaker game appropriate for children of any age and can also be adapted to adults by making it more challenging.

Apart from being so engaging, this game addresses various skills that help in your preschooler and toddler’s development. Active participation in this game can help improve their gross motor skills and increase their body awareness. It is also proven to improve listening and leadership skills in kids, from a young age!

Requirements for Simon Says Game

All that is needed for this game is just a group of players, making it suitable for playing in any family gatherings or birthday parties.

The recommended number of players – 3 or more. 

It can be played with just 2 players too. But that becomes so monotonous. More the players, more the fun.

How to Play Simon Says

In the group of players, one player is chosen to play the role of ‘Simon’ – the commander of the group.

The role of Simon is to instruct the players what to do. And the role of the other players is to follow his instructions. Simple! 

But, here’s the catch in Simon says game —

Simon can state the Simon says commands in two different ways.

  1. Give the command starting with the phrase ‘Simon Says…’ 

Eg. ‘Simon Says Smile’

  1. Give just the command without the phrase ‘Simon Says…’

Eg. ‘Smile’

The other players should follow what Simon tells only if the phrase starts with ‘Simon Says’. If it doesn’t start with ‘Simon Says’, they shouldn’t do that action. 

Anyone who follows the command without the ‘simon says’ leaves the game. The game goes on until just one player remains. This final lasting player is declared the winner, and then he gets to play the Simon in the next game!


The difficulty of the game can be varied depending on the age group of the players involved. For instance, you can include multiple-step directions thus helping them to work on sequencing skills or add some fun Simon says commands for adults and make it as an ice-breaker game on any occasion.

Eg. Simon Says stamp your feet and then shake your head.

100 Simon Says Commands

This Simon says game has the potential to become any family’s favourite, and then kids run out of simon says commands, which can make the game a little boring. So, here is a list of 100 fun-filled Simon Says ideas that will inspire you to make the game more interesting.

Note – You can also download this list of Simon Says commands PDF file at the end of this post.

  1. Simon says close your eyes
  2. Simon says clap your hands
  3. Simon says hands on your knees
  4. Simon says laugh out loud
  5. Simon says walk one step
  6. Simon says hop like a frog
  7. Simon says crawl like a baby
  8. Simon says run on the spot
  9. Simon says act like crying
  10. Simon says touch your heals
  11. Simon says do a funny dance
  12. Simon says wave a Hi
  13. Simon says spin around
  14. Simon says do a sit-up 
  15. Simon says hug yourself
  16. Simon says raise your right hand
  17. Simon says step backward
  18. Simon says sing a song
  19. Simon says point at me
  20. Simon says see your toes
  21. Simon says scratch your elbow
  22. Simon says make beeping sounds
  23. Simon says stand on your toes
  24. Simon says sit down and stand up
  25. Simon says pull your ears
  26. Simon says say your name
  27. Simon says bite your lips
  28. Simon says lift your right leg
  29. Simon says pat on your shoulder
  30. Simon says jump twice
  31. Simon says rotate your wrists
  32. Simon says rub your knee
  33. Simon says sniff like a dog
  34. Simon says bend to your left 
  35. Simon says open your eyes wide
  36. Simon says do a snake dance
  37. Simon says giggle
  38. Simon says act like eating
  39. Simon says rub your tummy
  40. Simon says hold your hands together
  41. Simon says stretch both your hands
  42. Simon says draw a circle with your leg
  43. Simon says look up straight
  44. Simon says close your right eye with your hand
  45. Simon says pretend to swim
  46. Simon says swing your arms
  47. Simon says roar like a lion
  48. Simon says pout like a pig
  49. Simon says finger on your lips
  50. Simon says keep your legs wide apart
  51. Simon says stand on your left leg
  52. Simon says touch your thighs
  53. Simon says brush your teeth
  54. Simon says act like taking a selfie
  55. Simon says open your mouth
  56. Simon says tap your elbows together
  57. Simon says shake your hips
  58. Simon says wiggle your thumb
  59. Simon says pretend to climb the stairs
  60. Simon says yawn
  61. Simon says punch the air
  62. Simon says rotate your head
  63. Simon says close your ears
  64. Simon says cross your legs
  65. Simon says angry face
  66. Simon says say cheese
  67. Simon says raise both hands
  68. Simon says count 1 to 5
  69. Simon says snap your fingers 2 times
  70. Simon says clench your fists
  71. Simon says play guitar in the air
  72. Simon says bend backwards
  73. Simon says pinch your cheeks
  74. Simon says rub your forehead
  75. Simon says wipe your mouth
  76. Simon says do a cat walk
  77. Simon says smile at someone
  78. Simon says scratch your nose
  79. Simon says take a deep breath
  80. Simon says do push-ups
  81. Simon says touch your left ear with right hand
  82. Simon says fold your arms
  83. Simon says hop left and right
  84. Simon says act like sleeping
  85. Simon says touch your back
  86. Simon says comb your hair
  87. Simon says kneel down
  88. Simon says grin
  89. Simon says kiss your hands
  90. Simon says twist your tongue
  91. Simon says hold your chin
  92. Simon says jump with one leg
  93. Simon says pretend to read a book
  94. Simon says turn right
  95. Simon says meow like a cat
  96. Simon says tickle yourself
  97. Simon says thumbs up
  98. Simon says pat your head
  99. Simon says try to whistle
  100. Simon says place your palms together

I hope you like these Simon Says Game and the 100 Simon Says Game Commands for your Preschoolers and Toddlers to play the Simon Says Game.

How to play Simon Says and 100 simon says ideas

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